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   Irrigation Calculations
In these lessons you will learn how to calculate the flow of all sprinklers on the design screen and how to group them into individual zones. You will also learn the proper steps to both lateral line and mainline pipe sizing and hydraulic calculations.
Total Flow
Pipe Sizing
Options Settings
Lateral Line Sizing
Mainline Sizing
Independent Valve Operation
Simultaneous Valve Operation
Setting Equipment Elevation Assignments
Independent Valve Operation
Simultaneous Valve Operation
   General Calculations
Here you will learn how to customize a report and calculate a list of materials. You will learn how to enter your costs in the Equipment Costs database and calculate an estimate of installation costs for the design.
Material/Estimate Configuration
Report Configuration
Project Information
Report Style
View a Material List
View an Estimate / Proposal
Building Tied Assemblies
Equipment Costs Database
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