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    Dressing Up the Drawing
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Adding Text
Learn to place text on a design for descriptions, notations and more. You can also copy and paste text from other applications.
Miscellaneous Symbols
Learn to place symbols such as furniture, an automobile, a north arrow, the drawing scale and more to dress up a drawing and make if more meaningful to a customer or prospect.
Adding Doors and Windows
Learn to use the Doors and Windows command to easily add a single door, double door, sliding door, single pane or double pane window to a design.
Deleting Doors and Windows
Learn to remove door and window symbols from the design.
Fill Colors or Patterns
Learn to use the Fill command to add color or hatching patterns to the design.
Valve Notations
Valve notation symbols include the zone assignment identifier and number, the size of the control valve, and the flow of water through the valve.
Installation Details
Learn to place installation detail drawings on a separate Details page.
Place a Title Block
Learn how to place a title block symbol on one or more pages in a design and edit the information within each symbol.
Edit the Title Block
Learn how to edit an existing title block or how to create a new one for placement on a design.
Creating a Symbol Legend
Learn how to create a legend showing a list of the symbols and equipment used on the design.
Update, Edit or Move the Symbol Legend
Learn how to update, edit or move a symbol legend on the design screen.
Texas Licensed Irrigator Seal
Learn how to permanently make changes to the Texas Licensed Irrigator Seal and place the seal on a design.
Purging Symbols
The Purge Symbols command allows you to remove unused blocks from a design so new symbols can be placed with changes to the content, color, line type and style.
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