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    The Basics
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The Line Command
Learn to draw a line using the Point Polar and Polar Tracking commands.
The Curve Command
Learn to draw a curve by setting points or using the Point Relative command.
Drawing an Arc
Learn to draw an arc by setting a center point, the starting point and an end point on the design screen.
Fillet or Chamfer
Learn to round off or angle corners of a driveway or any two lines that intersect one another.
Drawing a 3 Point Arc
Learn to draw an arc by setting a starting point, a pass through location and the ending point.
Point Polar
Use the Point Polar command to quickly draw buildings or place property lines around a house.
Point Relative
Use the Point Relative command to assist in drafting property by setting a point in relationship to another location on the design.
The Anchor Point
The Anchor Point is a very useful tool to assist in drafting virtually any piece of property.
Adding Text
Learn to place text on a design for descriptions, notations and more. You can also copy and paste text from other applications.
Revision Cloud
Revision clouds are used to draw attention to sections of a design during the review stage. The Revision Cloud command will allow you to draw a revision cloud made up of three or more points on the design screen. All revision cloud lines are automatically placed on the Revision Cloud layer in the Layer Manager.
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