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    Pro Contractor Studio™ Drainage Design Features
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The drainage design features of Pro Contractor Studio™ include the tools necessary to complete a drainage design including basin placement, linear drains, drainage pipe and runoff calculations.
Equipment Placement
The Drainage Equipment command allows you to create a database and place symbols for drainage equipment on the drawing screen. You may place as many drainage equipment symbols on the drawing screen as necessary. The drainage equipment will be counted in the material list or estimate/proposal.
Linear Drains
The Linear Drains command allows you to draw lines representing linear drains such as channel drains on the drawing screen.
Drainage Pipe
The Drainage Pipe command allows you to draw drainage pipe on the drawing screen. You can add, delete or rename the pipe selections. You can manually adjust the line type or width of the pipe in the Layer Manager.
Runoff Calculations
The Runoff Calculations command will calculate the estimated runoff of water over a flat surface area, the minimum pipe inside diameter and the minimum required grate open surface area. The calculations will be displayed in the dialog box. The calculations are based on the area, the soil type and vegetation in the form of the Runoff Coefficient, and the worst case estimated rainfall in a one hour period. There is no limit to the number of areas you may have per design.
Tied Assemblies
A Tied Assembly is the combination of supplies that are associated with the installation of a single piece of equipment or plant material. Tied assemblies can be built for fixture and transformer installations. Each assembly may be assigned to one or more pieces of equipment in the database. All of the product in an assembly is counted in the Material List/Estimate command.
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