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    Pro Contractor Studio™ Accent Lighting Design Features
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The accent lighting design features of Pro Contractor Studio™ include the tools necessary to complete an accent lighting design including fixture placement, total wattage calculations, voltage drop calculations and more.
Fixture Placement
The Fixture Placement command allows you to select a fixture from a database of FX Luminaire equipment listings. The fixtures are separated into categories to make locating the correct fixture quick and easy. You may create your own fixture categories and add more fixtures to the database as necessary. Once you have selected a fixture for placement, the symbol representing the fixture will appear on the design screen and you may immediately move it to the desired location. Simply click to set the fixture on the design and set a second point to rotate the symbol in any direction. Another fixture of the same type will immediately appear on the mouse cursor allowing you to continue placing additional symbols as required.
Transformer Placement
The Transformers command allows you to place accent lighting transformer symbols on the drawing screen. You may place as many transformers on the drawing screen as necessary. The transformers and all other lighting components will be counted in the material list. As it is with all lighting components, there are multiple different symbols to represent the transformer on the design screen or you may create new symbols of your choice.
The Wire/Cable command allows you to draw wire or cable from the accent lighting transformer to each individual fixture symbol. You can change the label indicating the wire size on the design screen and the color of the wire. You can quickly turn wire or wire labels on the drawing screen on or off in the Layer Manager.
Wire Hop
The Wire Hop command will draw a "hop" or arc to indicate that one wire overlaps another wire. When drawing wore, it is necessary to make it obvious that two separate pieces of wire overlap each other versus intersecting each other. The program will maintain wire hops while during the voltage drop and wire sizing process. You can set the radius of the wire hop and choose the side or direction the pop will be drawn on the screen.
Total Wattage
The Total Wattage command will calculate the total wattage of all accent lighting fixtures found on the drawing screen. The wattage will be displayed per fixture category and each category will be combined to calculate the total wattage of the project.
Lighting Calculations
The Lighting Calculations command will calculate the total wattage of all fixtures connected to each transformer on the design. The calculations will also determine the highest voltage drop, the lowest voltage drop and the voltage variance in each lighting system. In addition, the command will size the wire or cable from each transformer to the lighting fixtures based on the Maximum Allowable Voltage Drop. The wire will be colored by zone or by wire size depending on the selected settings.
Tied Assemblies
A Tied Assembly is the combination of supplies that are associated with the installation of a single piece of equipment or plant material. Tied assemblies can be built for fixture and transformer installations. Each assembly may be assigned to one or more pieces of equipment in the database. All of the product in an assembly is counted in the Material List/Estimate command.
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